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What is threading?

Precise eyebrow shaping by threading

Precise eyebrow shaping by threading

Threading has been popular in India and the Middle East for thousands of years and has been common in Asian households for centuries.

Eyebrow threading has been the longstanding technique preferred by Indian movie stars, who are renowned for their beautifully crisp brow lines.  However, it has only become commercially available in UK salons, or beauty bars, in the last few years.  Threading is not just for the eyebrows, it can be used for the full face and body as well and works equally well for men.

Eyebrow threading is distinct from plucking or waxing because it removes one clean, precise line of hair all at once, making it much quicker and easier to shape the brows.  The procedure involves using a thin cotton thread specially designed for threading, which is doubled, then twisted.  It is then rolled over areas of unwanted hair, plucking the hair at the follicle level.  The thread is held between the teeth of the beautician, while the other end is held firmly with the left hand.  The index and middle fingers of the right hand then form a loop in the centre of the string, and the thread is rolled over the surface of the skin, collecting the hairs as it moves.

Why It’s So Popular

Eyebrow threading is gaining popularity due to increasing concerns regarding the over use of chemicals in depilatories and waxes.  Also, as western celebrities have become familiar with the technique, it has now become the preferred method of achieving the perfect eyebrow outline – this has of course influenced women in general, young and mature.  Correctly carried out, threading should compliment and even enhance your natural facial features.  Over time, hair regrowth can be finer and softer.

Most people think that eyebrows should be perfectly symmetrical - this may be the “ideal” situation but is actually rarely possible to achieve without further enhancement with eyebrow pencilling.  Most people will have brows that are naturally different in shape and height.  It is better to think of eyebrows as “sisters (or brothers!), rather than twins.  Sympathetic shaping through threading can minimise these differences, as the focus is on their preciseness and shape, as opposed to their symmetry.   

Simple maintenance at 3-6 weeks 

Simple maintenance at 3-6 weeks 

Is It Safer than Tweezing or Waxing?

Waxing involves chemicals that may be irritating to some patients, and redness and irritation are common, as the wax can easily remove the surface layers of the skin.  It is also very difficult to be precise with waxing and it cannot achieve the accuracy of eyebrow shaping that threading can.

Tweezing has been associated with a form of swelling around the eyes known as periorbital cellulitis.  

Does it hurt?

This really depends on the individual’s hair, skin sensitivity and attitude – like all hair removal techniques, there can be associated pain with the treatment.  Some people find threading completely pain-free, whilst a small minority will find it quite painful.  We find that the majority of clients will find it slightly uncomfortable the first time, mainly due to unfamiliarity and it then becomes easier in subsequent sessions. 

The most important factor is the therapist’s skill and technique, which has a large bearing on how “painful” the treatment is – we would certainly aim to dispel any of your concerns if you’ve never had it carried out, or had a poor experience previously.  Look out for a salon like ours where Asian women go for their threading – they are very discerning clients and know what to look for!  Come in for a chat with Sabrina who can run through the process and discuss the most appropriate shape of brows for you.

How long does it last

As hairs are removed from the base of the follicle, it is relatively long-lasting – we find that clients will return after 3-6 weeks, depending on the speed of their hair growth and natural colour. 

We will also advise you on how to maintain your brows between sessions, especially if they are being re-shaped, which may take some time to allow for regrowth to gain the desired outline.

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