What is IPL Technology?

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) devices are not technically the same as Laser ones, although both work on the principle of emitting intense light-based energy to achieve desired results.

There is an important difference between the light generated by lasers and pulsed light photo devices (IPL). Lasers emit the so-called coherent light (synchronized light waves of the same wavelength), providing very specific and intense targeted energy delivery to a particular skin structure.  IPL devices on the other hand, emit a spectrum of various wavelengths of light.  To improve targeting and specificity, IPL uses special filters to remove unwanted wavelengths and keep only those in the required narrow range.

Specialist IPL Hair Removal & Skin Treatments

Specialist IPL Hair Removal & Skin Treatments

Since the same device can be used with different filters, a single such system may be suitable for treating a number of different conditions (e.g, hair reduction and skin treatments) by using different filter and intensity settings. This makes pulsed light systems more versatile than Laser devices.  Experience with both technologies also indicates that IPL sessions are less painful than Laser. 

As cosmetic Laser devices pre-date IPL based machines, it follows that clinics, or spas that have invested heavily in Laser will tend to undermine the effectiveness of IPL.  However, it has been clinically proven that both technologies are effective at hair reduction and that IPL is effective for skin rejuvenation (Photothermolysis) treatments, which were the first applications for IPL.  It is also generally accepted that IPL treatments are less painful than with Laser.

LGBG uses the Ecolite IPL device, which has the American FDA approval and the European CE approval.  Our Senior Therapist, Sumita, is Level 3 qualified and trained by Ecolite.  We are of course fully insured for the IPL treatments we offer.

If you are reading this, it's likely that you are interested in permanent hair reduction, or the benefits of skin rejuvenation.  If so, please give us a call on 01908 631441 to discuss what is possible for you.