IPL Acne Treatment Prices

If you suffer from acne, it is more than likely that you have already undergone some form of medical treatment, such as topical ointments or antibiotics. We all know that most acne ointments have a drying effect on the skin that few people would choose to have - flaking, reddened and tight skin is hardly what we want to show to the world if it's on our face! Likewise, most people don't want to be taking antibiotic tablets for extended periods of time, sometimes years, fearing side-effects or seeing decreasing results. The ultimate medical treatment of a course of Roccutane/Accutane can have severe side-effects and is never undertaken lightly by dermatologists or patients - So what's the alternative? 

Well, thankfully, there is now a simple, clinically-proven method of controlling youth and adult acne through the use of IPL Acne Treatment, which will quickly and very effectively bring your acne under control and leave your skin in a condition that you can be proud of! Imagine that....

Because acne can cause such profound physical and emotional scarring, in-line with our mission and ethical policy, we decided that our pricing for acne treatment should be as low as possible to make it affordable to as many sufferers as possible - thereby reducing future physical and emotional effects quickly and effectively. Just check, you will find similar treatments being charged at well over £100 in salons and clinics. Compare our prices:

IPL Acne Treatment Prices

  • Full Face                  - £50/session
  • Full Back/Chest    - £70/session
  • Other areas            - Subject to consultation

Treatment Procedure

    Acne IPL treatment is straightforward - it involves a Free consultation and patch test required 48 hours prior to the first treatment. This confirms suitability for treatment and the IPL machine settings for the treatment.

    The pre-treatment will deal with removal of any make-up and moisturiser, followed by application of a cooling gel to the treatment area. The skin is then "flashed" according to the appropriate settings for your skin. You may feel a slight "ping" or heat as a result of the flash, but this should not be painful or intolerable. The treatment is likely to last between 15-30 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area. There may be some slight reddening of the skin just after the treatment, which is normal and a good indicator of effectiveness. This can be eased with the use of aloe vera and cooling packs.

    How Many Treatments Are Required?

    The best results are achieved with an initial course of 2 treatments a week for 3 to 4 weeks. This is likely to significantly reduce the breakout of new acne and also improve the appearance of the skin texture and surface. Thereafter, the skin may well be clear of acne for a further 4-6 months, or may need additional top-ups to achieve the desired results.