Gift & Payment Vouchers

Vouchers are now of course a great way of treating someone with a gift that you know they will enjoy - perhaps with you! However, don't forget that vouchers can also act as a great way of saving towards a treatment in the form of an alternative "payment plan" - whenever you have some spare money, or savings, just buy a voucher towards that treat you've been promising yourself. 

We have listed a number of standard-priced vouchers. Should you want to pay specifically for a treatment, or course, especially if you want to take advantage of a special offer, just contact us and we will create the voucher and email it or post it to you, no problem. Again, any queries, please contact us. 


Gift/Payment Vouchers:

By clicking on the links below, a new window will be opened and a pdf version of the voucher will be displayed - print that off, call us on 01908 631441 to purchase the value of the voucher by debit or credit card. Then please fill in the "valid from", "valid till" and "Code No." boxes. To redeem the voucher, please mention the details when booking the appointment. Thanks