IPL treatments for excessive facial and body hair

When looking at treatments for excessive facial and body hair, what are the issues and how effective are Intense Pulsed Light treatments?

For decades, women and men have been going to their beauty therapists, sometimes on a bi-weekly basis, to wax, thread and pluck their unwanted facial and body hair. Throughout their lives, these women and men will spend countless hours and thousands of pounds for temporary solutions to this embarrassing problem.

IPL laser hair removal (Intense Pulse Light), however, now makes these outdated practices a useless waste of time and money. IPL laser hair removal, which works with a safe filtered light, is a permanent solution for unwanted body and facial hair. With an average of 6-8 treatments, imagine not having to shave your underarms or legs, or have those embarrassing hairs on your chin or neck. Even for men, that unattractive hair on the shoulders and the back can be a thing of the past.

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