About Us

Looking Good Beauty & Grooming (LGBG) is a family-run beauty salon based in Bletchley, Milton Keynes that specialises in IPL treatments as well as more traditional beauty services. By running a boutique home-salon, we are able to minimise overheads so that we can invest in the latest technologies and offer the highest quality services at more affordable prices.

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In almost all commercial salons and clinics, therapists will "come and go", for all sorts of reasons. This can make a client feel very uncomfortable as we all tend to develop a relationship and hence trust with our therapist (or hairdresser etc) and will inevitably feel weary of having a service carried out by a "new" therapist, no matter how good they are. As a family-run salon, you can be assured that this "turnover" of staff will not happen - you know from the outset that your therapist will be there next time!

Our aim is to ensure that our clients are made to feel completely comfortable in our salon which has been designed to be homely, relaxing, quirky and professional - rather than the cold, austere and inhibiting feel of some clinics that just end up putting off clients from having treatments - we want you to feel at home in our home.  We also provide a confidential service where you can feel at ease visiting us at a time to suit you.

Men's grooming is no longer just monkey business!

Men's grooming is no longer just monkey business!

We want to appeal to men, as well as women. With growing awareness of beauty and cosmetic treatments amongst men, this has pushed demand for such services and this can only be good for all - men and presumably your partners too! There may be more of a fight for cosmetic products in the bathroom now, but at least it's in search of "Looking Good".

Our promise is that we will offer you  unbiased, honest advice regarding any treatment or service you enquire about.  If we are not 100% sure of the level of standard we would want to achieve, we will decline the service, or tell you straight about any limitations, so that you can decide on what to do without any "sales pressure".  We can certainly have you Looking Good, but we are still working on how to achieve the miracles :-)

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